2019 Excellence Fund Grants

For the 2019-2020 school year, $75,000 in Excellence Fund grants have been awarded for projects and ideas submitted by teachers and staff in our schools. In total, 28 applications, requesting $180,000 in funding, were considered. The following projects were selected for funding.

2019-2020 Excellence Fund Grant Awards

Seeing is Learning $7,000 – Vision screening equipment for the Health Services Department

NCJH Virtual Reality $9,500 – Virtual reality devices and a cart to integrate virtual reality into the literacy and social studies curriculum

DeTracking Math $10,000 – A pilot project to detrack Math 7 at Southeast Junior High to diversify upper level math

Mann Museum $5,000 – Materials to assemble a school community-building museum highlighting students and families

Upper Body Fitness $10,000 – Upper body ergometers for lower body impaired students at City, Liberty and West High Schools

Strong Families from the Start $5,988 – Pre-K parent education sessions to promote positive parenting

MiniOne $2,262 – Bringing BioTech to the Classroom – Electrophoresis System for DNA testing/biotechnology at West High

AP Summer Institute/Equal Opportunity Schools $3,000 – A summer institute at Liberty High to prepare students taking AP classes for the first time

Student Designed Investigations into Physics $6,649– Equipment and tools allowing for student designed physics investigations at Liberty High

Seeing the Unseeable $2,000 – GoPro and thermal imaging cameras to “see” the changes during experiments at City and West

Christine Grant Grizzlies $5,000 – Osmos for the K-2 elementary classrooms

Quad Cities Cultural Field Trip $6,900 – Funding for a cultural field trip for special education students