2020 Excellence Fund Grants

Over $80,000 in BIG Idea Excellence Fund grants were awarded for the 2020-2021 school year for projects and ideas submitted by teachers and staff in our schools. In total, almost $340,000 in grant requests were considered. The following projects were selected for funding.

2020-2021 BIG Idea Excellence Fund Grant Awards

Kirkwood Choice-Ready Scholars $11,000 – A Virtual Reality cart to allow students to experience colleges, careers, and cities virtually and enhancement of Kindergarten play centers for career exploration.

WHS MLK Day $4,000 –  Support keynote speaker and musicians for the day-long MLK Day Celebration at the school.

NWJH Mindfulness Training $8,500 – Training teachers and administrators in mindfulness techniques that can be shared in the classroom.

Christine Grant Sensory Path $2,125 – Creation of a hallway sensory path.

CHS Model Sets $6,100 – New molecule model sets for use in Chemistry and AP Biology classrooms.

WHS Green and Gold Academy $5,000  – Support for the peer leadership and mentoring program at West High that helps students get involved and better connect in school.

Robotics Kit Upgrades $12,579 – Robotics Kit Upgrades for the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) labs at City, Liberty and West High Schools.

CHS NESTT Classroom $11,500 – Creation of a NESTT Classroom (Navigating Emotions/Stress Through Training) – a centralized student mental wellness center – to provide students support, while building skills that enable them to succeed in school and beyond.

WHS Community Connections Group $1,000 – A small sharing group pilot program that will bring in role models for students, giving them a chance to hear about obstacles others encountered and the strategies used to be successful in school.

WHS New Live Music, Art, and Tech Immersive Project $2,500 – The creation of an immersive concert to celebrate diversity using music, art, and film.

Borlaug Breaks Out $1,025 – Breakout Edu Boxes that will allow teachers to create collaborative, puzzle-solving classroom lessons using the escape room concept.

LHS Hear My Voice $6,000 – A pilot music course alternative to band and choir, offering opportunities for students to create rap, beat and other types of music.

K.I.N.G. Program $9,450 – Bringing the Knowledge Is Necessary Game (K.I.N.G) Program to Liberty High School to provide culturally responsive support for male students of color.