ABC Sustainer’s Circle Honor Roll

Honor Roll 2017

This group of donors made monthly gifts of $5.00 or more to the ICCSD Foundation in 2017.  ABC Sustainer’s Circle donors who are also Superintendent Circle members, donating $1,000.00 or more during the year, are highlighted.

Kathi and Michael Anderson
Olivia Atcherson
John Bacon
Heather Bartlett and Dan Gralnek*
Jay and Sarah Beaver
Michelle Brandt
Terrance and Susan Brennan*
Lisa Brenneman
Ken Brown and Amy Kristof-Brown*
Carl Brown
Ann Browning
Laura Bryan
Amanda Cameron
Kristin Cannon
Doris Cardona
Kim Colvin
Tricia Coobs
Susan Corbin-Muir
Derick and Kimberly Cranston
Lydia Crowe
Lora and Colin Daily*
Matt and Kate Degner
Alison and John Demory
Lucas DeVries
Peggy Doerge*
Kathryn Duys
Jeffrey Easley
Sara Eisenberg
Courtney Elahee*
Shawn and Mari Eyestone
Sarah Fairfield
Teddie Federici
Greg and Lisa Fender
Beth Fettweis
Jamie Frauenholtz
Anthony Fischer and Elizabeth Newell
Anita Kerr Gerling
Christine and Steven Gibson
Janet Godwin*
Lisa Hall
Jody and Shawn Harmsen
Beth Harnack
Amy Hartje
Diana Hawley
Ryan and Stephanie Heiar
Lisa Heineman
Lena and Michael Hill*
Keri Hornbuckle and Michael Cervantes
Emilia Hummel
Jackie and Steve Jensen
Jan Jensen and Julie Fitzpatrick*
Scott and Jill Jespersen
Jo Lavera Jones and Phillip E Jones*
Randall and Jean Jordison*
Jean Junis
Cynthia and Dr. John Kemp*
Scott Kibby
Benjamin Kock
Kevin and Tina Koepnick
Amy Kortemeyer
Shane and Darla Kraske*
Sundar Krishnan and Ansuya Nassen
Ronald Kron
Jennifer Lampe
Jodi Landeros
Ann and Thomas Langenfeld
Bridget LaRoche
Ehren Leib
Mary Lestina
Kelsey Link
Carrie and Uby Martinez
Dan Mascal
Rob and Connie McCain
Stacey Medd
Kate and Jeffrey Metcalf
Courtney Micheel
Marc Moen, Moen Group*
Joseph and Kate Moreland
Michelle and Robert Morey
Amanda Mosley
Stephen and Darci Murley
John Netty
Amy Nolte
Leslie and Mark Nolte*
Ted and Eliza Proctor
Denise Rehmke
Shawn and Troy Reineke*
Julie and Nelson Robinson
Scott and Michele Sadler
Mike and Marnie Saeugling
John and Jan Schneider*
Aaron and Shana Schaefer
Candace and Mark Schebel
Michele Schintler
Diane Schumacher
Angie and Paul Shive
Todd Simpson
Michelle and Donald Stalkfleet*
Mark and Julie Stern
Heather Stevens
Brad and Sheila Stiles
Sarah Swisher and Gary Smith
Janet Smith
Sharon Wiser Swan
Robin and James Torner
Kristen Turner
Ken Turnis
Paul and Theresa Weeks*
Christina and Michael Weitz
Christina Welu-Reynolds
Timothy Wheeler
Robin and Brad Wilson
Heather and James Woodin*
Deborah and Jacob Yarrow