Special Donor Gifts

Sometimes a special person just needs to be recognized!  Honor and Memorial donations are a wonderful way to accomplish this.

A donation can be made in honor of teachers, staff, students, volunteers or others throughout the year as a way to recognize hard work, special effort, and other admirable qualities.  We will let the honoree know that they have been recognized with a gift in support of the ICCSD Foundation.

A gift in memory of an individual is a meaningful way to express sympathy or to celebrate the accomplishments of a lifetime.  When making your memorial donation, please include the name and address of a family member that you would like notified of your memorial donation.

Make an honor or memorial gift today.  Use the comments section to provide the name of the person being recognized and their family member’s name and address if it is a memorial gift.

Honor Donations

Since January 1, 2017, donations were made to the ICCSD Foundation in honor of the following individuals or groups:

All Preschool Teachers
Pam Beckner
Michael Berg, SOA
Bob Brems
Mark Brockmeyer
Jamie Brooks-Desplinter, Best In Show
Diane Burk
Candace Carmichael
Tim Carty
Johah Childs, SOA
Liz Clefisch
Terry Coleman
Beth and Mike Deninger
Jeff Disterhoft
Myrna Duff
Robin Fields
Matt Fisher
Bob Goodfellow
Allison Grady
Ty Haren
Lori Henning
Yukiko Hill
Catty Jones, Best In Show
Aisha Kazembe, SOA
Kevin and Tina Koepnick
Junhee Lee, SOA
Jo McClure
Caroline McReynolds, SOA
Dr Myron McReynolds
Maya Meadows-Claussen, SOA
Tom Mittman
Madison Molina, SOA
John and Katherine Moyers
Aaron Ottmar
Kathy Paulson
Dan and Mary Peterson
Bill Pringle
Levi Pugh, SOA
Pam Quigley
Cecilia Roudabush
Doug Sanders
Keaton Scandrett, SOA
John Schneider
Joseph Schnoebelen, SOA
Henry Scott
Ray Scott
Zoe Scott
Jesse Searls
Annie Servin
South East Junior High Leadership and Staff
Jamie Swartzendruber
Teachers and Staff of Wickham Elementary
Ruth Temple
Kate Vanderleest, SOA
Joseph Verry, SOA
Sheryl Vitosh
Nathan Ward, SOA
Carrie Watson
Bud Williams
Cy Wilson, SOA
Dr Pat Witinok
Colin Wright
Amy Yan, SOA
Adam Zabner, SOA

Memorial Donations

A donation in memory of an individual is a meaningful way to express sympathy or to celebrate the accomplishments of a lifetime. Memorial donations were received by the ICCSD Foundation from 2017 to 2019 in remembrance of the following individuals:

William Abraham
William J Ambrisco
Nancy Anderson
Glenn Angelino
Jeanne Auen
Lois Bird
Rebecca Blevins Faery
Lucas Brenneman
Adelaide Cochran
Michele Covarrubias
Marjorie S Dane
Harry Dean
Dick Duncan
Dr Clemens Full
Don Gatens
James Giles
Stephen Grace
Christian A Green
Albert Hand
Marguerite Harney
Clarence Haverkamp
Edna Eileen Heiden
Russell and Helen Hirt
Dutch Hoeme
Janet Hoffey
Jerry and Janet Hoffey
Charles Edward Hurney
Mary Jepsen
Pamela R Heck Jones
Don Judge
Jewel Kintzinger
Jeff Koser
Elizabeth Summerwill Koza
Charles Manion
Cliff Marchetti
Richard Meyerhardt
Patsy Nickels
Bill Olin
Maxine Lange Orr
Larry Parsons
Shirley Paustian
Grace and Whitey Piro Family
John Piro
John Raffensperger
Govenor Robert Ray
Doug Robertson
Sharon Roknick
Jim Sangster
Greg Scheuerman
Betty Shay
Paul Springmire
Kyle Stanfield
Allen Stroh
Ron Sundermann
John Teufel
Sidney and Janice Tribbey
Bob Vermace
John Voreis
Jan Wegand
Kate Wickham
Calder Wills
Marcia Zapf