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2019 Excellence Fund Grants

For the 2019-2020 school year, $75,000 in Excellence Fund grants have been awarded for projects and ideas submitted by teachers and staff in our schools.   In total, 28 applications, requesting $180,000 in funding, were considered.  The following projects were selected for funding.

2019-2020 Excellence Fund Grant Awards

Seeing is Learning – Vision screening equipment for the Health Services Department              

NCJH Virtual RealityVirtual reality devices and a cart to integrate virtual reality into the literacy and social studies curriculum

DeTracking Math A pilot project to detrack Math 7 at Southeast Junior High to diversify upper level math

Mann Museum – Materials to assemble a school community-building museum highlighting students and families

Upper Body Fitness Upper body ergometers for lower body impaired students at City, Liberty and West High Schools

Strong Families from the StartPre-K parent education sessions to promote positive parenting

MiniOne – Bringing BioTech to the Classroom – Electrophoresis System for DNA testing/biotechnology at West High                              

AP Summer Institute – Equal Opportunity SchoolsA summer institute at Liberty High to prepare students taking AP classes for the first time

Student Designed Investigations into PhysicsEquipment and tools allowing for student designed physics investigations at Liberty High      

Seeing the Unseeable – GoPro and thermal imaging cameras to “see” the changes during experiments at City and West

Christine Grant GrizzliesOsmos for the K-2 elementary classrooms

Quad Cities Cultural Field TripFunding for a cultural field trip for special education students