Online Personalized Learning


I enjoy the Lexia program. My students enjoy the visual and it also provides a game-based intervention so that I can monitor my students’ growth. Lexia is a fun way to increase students’ reading levels with research-proven interventions.
Goldie Lewis, Cedar Grove Middle School, GA

Traditional teacher-centered instructional practices have given way to hands-on activities, student-led discussions, collaboration and group learning – all hallmarks of personalized learning.

The ICCSD asked the Foundation to help support digital tools for the classroom helping to create a solid fabric for students heading into the modern world. Empowering educators through adaptive assessment and personalized instruction utilizing tools such as Lexia, Dreambox and iReady allow students to be motivated by their own success and have personalized learning paths. These three software products are designed to deliver rich insight, powerful instruction, and comprehensive support that educators trust and rely on to help students at all levels, from all backgrounds, achieve their greatest possible gains.

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