Read more below about the many programs the ICCSD Foundation supports at the secondary level.

7th Grade Arts Experience

This program is in development.

Equal Opportunity Schools Program

As part of the effort to close the acheivement gap in the District, the three highs schools that offer Advanced Placement coursework to students have engaged in an effort to increase equitable enrollment in those classes and ensure all students have opportunities to succeed at the highest level. Read more here.


This program makes it possible for students in the district to attend a live performance at Hancher Auditorium. Read more here.


These innovative learning spaces help students to be better creators, collaborators, communicators, and critical thinkers. Each of the secondary attendance centers incorporates a creation station, mobile Makerspace, and visiting “Makers” or experts from the field. Read more here.

STEM Initiatives

Providing students with opportunities for hands-on learning experiences in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) allows them to apply what they learn in the classroom to real problems. Read more here.

Visiting Author

A book author is selected each year to visit the District and speak with students about their writing and experiences. Read more here.